More on Belgian e-Voting

Sigh, it’s all so depressingly predictable. My last post contained some headlines on problems with the new Belgian e-Voting system made by Smartmatic. As it turns out there’s a real problem with quite a few people unknowingly voting a preference for the candidate whose button (on the second screen), happens to be right where the … Continue reading “More on Belgian e-Voting”

Belgium goes e-Voting

Interesting. During the elections our entire country was up in arms because the election results came in a few hours later than with the (black-box, readily hackable, completely non-transparant) computers we had before. Somehow nobody complains when forming a government takes months, but election results must come in immediately. But when neighboring Belgium introduces new … Continue reading “Belgium goes e-Voting”

Internet Voting, totally owned

Alex Halderman and his students have surpassed themselves in a pilot that was organized by the U.S. District of Columbia. Officials there had set up a system for voters abroad to vote over the internet. But before they went live they allowed people to hack the system, so they could proudly show that the system … Continue reading “Internet Voting, totally owned”

Hacking India’s Voting Machines

This morning’s events (see previous post) came at a very weird time: 15 minutes before the planned coordinated launch of some interesting research I took part in. Not that I cared even the slightest bit his morning, but the timing actually could not have been much more awkward. I had worked through the night to … Continue reading “Hacking India’s Voting Machines”

Black box voting is bad (and I’m back!)

Well, now is as good a moment as any to tell you all what I’ve been working on for the past month. I’ve taken a trip deep into the stinking bowels of a bad idea which in English is commonly called “Black Box voting” by those that oppose it. Black box voting is a form … Continue reading “Black box voting is bad (and I’m back!)”

“Deny subject entry to India and notify originator”

Now that was interesting. As I arrived at Delhi airport yesterday I was detained for over 12 hours. My friend Alex Halderman had arrived earlier and was being held at the airport also. (He had almost been stuck on a flight back to the US right before I got there.) This was apparently all at … Continue reading ““Deny subject entry to India and notify originator””

Off to Rio – a crowdsourcing experiment

I’m off to Rio de Janero this Friday. I’ll be speaking and debating voting systems at a conference on December 2nd and 3rd. (Brazil still seems to like black-box style e-Voting very much.) I then need to go home in a hurry to be with my family for Sinterklaas (dec 5th), the big giving-presents-to-the-kids thing … Continue reading “Off to Rio – a crowdsourcing experiment”

India to get paper trail

Looks like our research may have killed black-box voting for a billion people… Yay! For months and months, the Election Commission of India (ECI) has held their black-box voting machines (called EVMs in India) to be untamperable. When that really didn’t work anymore (and they tried long after everyone could see they were lying), they … Continue reading “India to get paper trail”