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Field Networking

Recently I hear from people that have gotten visits from the dutch FBI/BKA equivalent called “Nationale Recherche”. Apparently some of the people that work there are making house calls while investigating – I kid you not – my involvement with the Occupy movement. As much as I feel I am an authoritative source with regard to my involvement in anything, I have yet to be asked any questions. So I don’t know how serious this

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I’m back…

It’s been a while since I have written anything. Now I’m not the type to continuously blog/tweet/Facebook about what I had for dinner, and I’ve been away for longer periods before. With age comes wisdom: I can now shut up when I have nothing interesting to say… 🙂

But since I last posted there have been some things that I’ve wanted to write. But when you’ve been away for a while, you don’t want to

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Judge: twitter must hand over my data

Yesterday a judge in Virginia decided that Twitter must hand over all data it has on me, Jacob Appelbaum and Birgitta Jónsdottir. The consequences of this decision for me are extremely limited: there’s not a whole lot you can learn from records that Twitter has on me that you can’t learn from reading my blog. There are bigger principles at stake though, and this is not a good ruling for online privacy. The EFF –

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Nothing to worry about

Wow. Now there’s a powerful image to show where we are. Click on the image above and you’ll see the percentage of people worried about climate change in various countries. The Netherlands is on the list, all the way down with the climate deniers, right next to the wonderful US of A. Now you try to explain how a supposedly well-educated and liberal northern european country that is partly BELOW SEA-LEVEL ends

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Newsflash: not being extradited

Our foreign affairs minister Uri Rosenthal made headlines today as he responded to some questions from two members of the Dutch Parliament.

Do you agree […] that the Netherlands will not cooperate with criminal procedures of the American authorities, such as in the case of potential suspects connected to Wikileaks. If not, why not?

Answer: In case the US indicts mr Gonggrijp at any point in the future and requests his extradition, the request will

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Internet dialin for Libya

XS4ALL, the Amsterdam-based Internet Service Provider I co-founded in 1993, is offering a dialin service for people that want to get online from Libya, or any other country where despotic assholes are trying to turn off the internet.

Use your modem to dial +31205350535, username xs4all password xs4all. Please use the comments if this number gets blocked and I’ll update with new numbers.

News from the future?

For a very short time earlier this evening (Tuesday evening, sometime before 22:00 CET that is), our newspaper De Telegraaf reported that Sweden has dropped charges against Julian Assange. The article was on the site for at least a few minutes minutes before disappearing again, and all someone mailed me was a screenshot of the link from the front page to the article. So what we have is the headline “Sweden drops charges Assange”, the

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Everyday anger over something simple

Sorry to bother you all with something so mundane after all these big events. But life goes on after all. There’s this article in the dutch press today which covers a provincial candidate for the PVV (the party of Geert Wilders). He’s a cop (or maybe ex-cop, the article doesn’t say) that in 2003 got a fine for beating a suspect that was already in handcuffs. But it’s not that fact that bothers me enough

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On a more personal note

I have received e-mails and comments from what must be almost everybody that knows me, pledging worry and support. Thank you all, even if I haven’t gotten to answering every mail. People also ask how I am doing. I am OK. This is a bit stressful, yes. I especially hope the media side of things gets a little quieter. But I’m really holding up, so please don’t worry too much, OK?

Remarkable transformations

Some rather bizarre developments here in The Netherlands. Monday there was an extensive article (PDF, dutch) about me in De Telegraaf. De Telegraaf is the newspaper with the largest circulation and it leans to the right politically. In it, they describe all the developments with the court order to Twitter.

More interestingly, the article features me as “Julian Assange’s adjudant” as well as “a left-wing terror activist” with “close ties to the Chaos Computer Club

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On the Twitter court order

Dear journalists,

Yet again I am being inundated with your e-mails, text messages, phone calls and unannounced house visits. (The latter is new, unwelcome and the fastest way to get a non-expiring entry on my media blacklist.)

I could easily spend all my time answering the same questions with the same answers instead of taking some time to think for myself. This is not your fault. I can see there’s a story here and you

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US DOJ wants my twitter account info

It’s a warm and fuzzy feeling to know that somewhere, far away, people are thinking about you. Last night I received this rather interesting e-mail from twitter:

Kessel, Jan-07 11:20 am (PST): Dear Twitter User:

We are writing to inform you that Twitter has received legal process requesting information regarding your Twitter account, @rop_g. A copy of the legal process is attached. The legal process requires Twitter to produce documents related to your account.


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