Door-to-door searches

It appears that routine searches of one’s home to check for a vast array of “problems” are now performed door-to-door in The Netherlands. The city of The Hague is inspecting all homes in a number of neighborhoods. One resident, that apparently told these people to bugger off at a previous occasion, got a threatening letter. Translated to English, it says:

Subject: Inspection regarding occupancy relating to The Hague Residence Brigade

In The Hague, we want pleasant and safe neighborhoods. For this reason, we are inspecting all homes in your neighborhood. For each address, we will see if the rules and regulations are met.

The residence you own at <blank> was visited by our team on the 10th of June2009, but we were refused entrance.

On Thursday the 25h of June between 13:00 and 14:00 your residence will be visited again by a team of the “The Hague Residence Brigade” led by the City Planning Office. We will verify the state of the building, (fire) safety and the actual use of the residence.

All rooms of the residence are subject to this inspection. The cooperation of all residents is therefore a necessity.

We’d like to point out that this is not a voluntary inspection. You are obliged to cooperate. If you refuse to cooperate , we’d like to point out that we are legally entitled to enter the premises with a legal warrant and without the cooperation of the owner and/or occupant(s).

If the date or time are not convenient for you, you have the option to, within 5 working days after postmark of this letter, call the above number Monday through Friday between 08:00 and 16:00.

If an illegal situation is found during the investigation, you will receive notice about further proceedings as soon as possible.

We trust his letter has provided you with all the necessary information.

City Planning Office
Department for Building, Inspection and Service

Ms. C. Kolenmijn
Inspector Project The Hague Residence Brigade

Note the sentence “In The Hague, we want pleasant and safe neighborhoods”, stifling any criticism before it even got underway. I remember when “safe” was when the government didn’t get to search your house without a suspicion and decent legal oversight. A look at the website of the municipality sheds some further light on this operation:

Since the 15th of April the The Hague Residence Brigade is active in three The Hague power neighborhoods: Transvaal, Stationsbuurt/Rivierenbuurt and Schilderswijk. The The Hague Residence Brigade (the former “catch-up enforcement”) targets, among other things, over-population, mariuana plantations and social benefit fraud. By tackling these problems, the city intends to create safer and more livable neighborhoods.


The Brigade also checks whether occupants are registered with the municipality and traces social benefit fraud. For this purpose a team has been formed from many different municipal services which cooperates with the police, fire brigade, tax authorities and the local energy company. This integrated approach allows for the effective handling of a wide variety of problems.

It gets downright ominous and scary further down. In what sounds like a bad parody, The Hague tells its inhabitants: “We’re from the government and we’re here to help”:

In the past three neighborhoods in The Hague have been inspected by this team (Regentesse-, Valkenboskwartier, Rustenburg/Oostenbroek and Laak). All the addresses in a neighborhood were looked at. First digitally by coupling the databases of the various services and when needed by house visits. Since the end of 2005, 19.000 inspections were performed. During the inspections in the power neighborhoods, the social aspect will be more pronounced.

In the The Hague Residence Brigade finds social problems, the appropriate code will be reported at the municipal registry “Den Haag OpMaat”. Through this code the appropriate caregivers are mobilized. This could be psychological help, addiction care or the center for youth and family. This way, the municipality can reach inhabitants that are not yet familiar with the help and support the municipality can offer.

For those wondering, unlike the name suggests the term “power neighborhood” (dutch: krachtwijk) is the current dutch politically correct euphemism for a neighborhood that isn’t doing all that well. It used to be “wonderful neighborhood” (dutch: prachtwijk).

This story has made some dutch weblogs, but by and large the Dutch don’t see much wrong with what’s going on here. After all, if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear. And the government is just trying to help.

I blame the ongoing crisis in our educational system. So let this be a warning to other countries. It will take a while to kick in, but this is what you get if you turn your educational system into a “highly efficient” privatized diploma-factory.

Either way: the minute I get one of these letters, I will sue. If I lose, I’ll sell my house and move to Berlin.

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  1. Can’t you them for discrimination for only searching “power” neighborhoods? If they do this searches they should do it in the whole city, and I’m pretty sure they would find much more criminal activities in the rich neighborhoods..

  2. Rop,

    Cannot agree more with you. This is downright Nazi razzia’s. This should not be possible in a free and open society, based on the law. We have freedoms based in the constitution and nobody is going to enter my home without my permission!
    So, if they every start doing this in Amsterdam, I will refuse and sue as well. And move to another country if I lose. I wouldn’t want to live in a country like that. Berlin is a nice option :).


  3. This is unbelievable, it just made me very angry, how can something like this happen in one of the most liberal countries in europe. And how can the dutch people accept that without any big protest?

    I love the netherlands, i love the people and i really like to spend my holidays there, but this are not the netherlands i know.

    I really hope they will protest against this and refuse entry to this nazi inspectors, it is unacceptable to search all houses just to see if everything is ok, where will this end?

  4. quote:
    Chris says:
    July 9, 2009 at 15:04

    This is unbelievable, it just made me very angry, how can something like this happen in one of the most liberal countries in europe. And how can the dutch people accept that without any big protest?
    end quote

    HOW can thjis happen?
    BECAUSE you have been the most “liberal” country open and blind for the NWO strategy of mass immigration of criminal suckers sucking your social welfare system right up to the bancrupcy of your whole state.
    That is how and why.
    Stay liberal and keep your doors open for illegal immigrants and keep complaining about the police knocking o your door.

    OMG. how much I hate these leftists…

  5. Hi,
    I do not know if the educational system is to blame (I agree that it is not what it use to be, =understatement ).
    I believe more that the Dutch and maybe other people just expect too much from the government. If something goes wrong one tries to blame it on the government (deep pocket). As a reaction the government tries too counter this by getting more control over what is happening.
    Also if something bad happened in the society the majority of the people ask “How was this possible?” Why did nobody see this comming? And the society expect something is done to prevent it from happening again. So the administration comes up with house calls.

    I am not sure (do not know enough about the situation in the Hague) that they perform house calls at every address in specific area’s. Only addresses that pop up in investigations that something might be wrong are visited. Now you can ask has the government the right to perform investigations (comparing databases etc). Well we can not expect of the government that they sit back and relax.

  6. These “inspections” are a downright violation of our fundamental rights. The city counsels know that and therefore try to intimidate with “we can come back with an order to enter the premisis. Such can only be done by court order. They know damn well they wont get such and order for a fishing expedition. Therefore intimidating is the way to keep the social weaker right were they are, backed up in a corner.
    I am disgusted!

    to IanSobiesky, apparently you are totally ignorant about our social system and the people we let into the country. I just wish there was a way of keeping you and the likings out.

  7. There are a lot of heartfelt opinions here (rightly so, I was upset too). Sadly, no one seemed to have dug into the matter.

    The local political party GroenLinks has asked some questions on this (in response to a few articles on Vrijschrift[1]. Alderman Norder explained this is *not* door-to-door. The inspection teams do a ‘digital check’ (combining databases, but: “it’s not personal information, because it is information about the home”). Only after a real suspicion, the team tries to come inside. This is not illegal but warranted to the mayor, by the law on housing (Woningwet) article 100a [2].

    Sadly, the civilians are intimidated while the letter could also explain the legalese. Yet that kind of service is hardly ever found in policing. Also, it seems the alderman does not find it necessary to evaluate or even monitor The Hague Residence Brigade.



  8. Well, when you live in a Cradle to Grave Socialist State; a hair’s width away from Stalinist Totalitarianism … sometimes your Nanny State will actually give you what you ask for.

    Good luck.

  9. Stop growing pot using illegal power taps.

    Although i agree that it is ridiculous, the neighborhoods they are doing the “searches” in are notorious for illegal power taps and dangerous situations due to that. Just over a year ago a guy blew out the complete front of his building because he had bad wiring and a very badly done gas system.

    Are the searches idiotic and invasive, yes.
    Are they necessary, apparently.
    Would i tell them to shove it, hell yes.

  10. What i forgot….

    They can’t force the search on you, unless the police is coming along with a search warrant anyways. So telling them to shove it is perfectly correct since they cannot get the warrant without a reason. And telling them to shove it is NO reason.

  11. Wow, so which will have more energy behind it, New Age, or the police state of the NWO yadda yadda

    Its like the movie the blob. You read about such changes in the US, UK, but slowly like this financial crisis, you see the effects closer and closer to those around you and your doorstep.

  12. I can remember a time here in the NL when I found things not all too bad, but my view has changed drastically over the past few years: NL is not the country you want to live in (when caring at least a bit about your personal & human rights).

    The scary thing indeed is the vast acceptance, ja desire, of the Dutch population for this kind of treatment and governmental power.

  13. @IanSobiesky: It’s not the people on welfare that make these plans, nor do they suck much of the capital that is going around out of any system, ever. What does suck is the bankruptcy caused by the overly rich and wealthy. You know the ones, they have not one, but three TV’s in their homes. They have not one, but 3 cars. They have not one, but 3 PC’s, they have not one but three houses. Not to mention the food they throw out in the garbage, over-consuming like you will not believe, over-eating like there’s no tomorrow, regardless of the consequences to any environmental disaster lurking around the corner of capitalism and food-money. Oh and let’s not forget the impact of that wonderful meat-industry. Just one cow that is made into food is more expensive than a dozen people on welfare.

  14. WOW! Good thing you kept your wits enough to fight off the bugger. Glad you’re ok. The worse thing to happen to me on that street was when I encountered a pack of dogs late one night. I kept a safe distance behind them until I got home. Take care.

  15. Interesting development. It seems The Netherlands has little historical perspective. With the rise of populism AND the loss of personal freedom I believe we are living on an active vulcano. If the two ever meet, the dutch will find themselves in a position their lack of foresight has put them in, viz: having to explain away some very incidents.
    I live in the Netherlands and enjoy my life here. I grew up in a society where you could tell any policeman to shove off, whenever you felt like it. Now I have to carry ID all the time, any law enforcement officer can ask for my ID, whenever he/she feels like it AND now somehow a decision (I cannot influence) can be made about the quarter I live in AND my house can be searched by an organisation that has little or nothing to do with trained law enforcement officers AND reserves the right to check up on anything they please. Although I do not live in The Hague, there is no reason at all this could not happen anywhere else in The Netherlands.
    I am only human, so maybe I’ll just move in to a posh neighbourhood just around the corner to make sure nobody bothers me. It will be too bad for the fellows citizens I leave behind for their lack of a choice.

    I am afraid we dutch are going to become the new swiss in the European Union.

  16. Indeed Suntzu, there does excist something like the EVHR article 8, it says something about privacy and that it is not allowed to enter in your house without a criminal case or for emergency safety matters. This article is from the universal declaration of human rights putted in the european version. The UDHR where written in 1948 to avoid a repeating from the horrors in WO2. The privacy law in it was written to avoid razzia’s in the future. But in the Netherlands they dont give a shit about human rights, if you point them on human rights, they answer that it is your opinion and keep ignoring your human rights. The Dutch goverment and its officials are more criminal then you think. 65 milion people died for nothing in WO2.

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