The hacker event of 2009

Dear friends,

Lots of people have heard by now, so I might as well make it official. I will not take part in organizing the next large hacker event that was scheduled to take place somewhere in Germany in 2009. Which is a pity, especially since this event would have been the 20-year anniversary of the every-four-year sequence that started with the Galactic Hacker Party in 1989. (The previous editions all took place in The Netherlands, this one was scheduled to happen in Germany because events like this just became too hard to do in The Netherlands.)

I realise our events have been and continue to be important milestones in hacker culture and that they serve as places in space and time for the hacker community to get together. But to make a long story short, there’s just too much bad luck stacked up against my participation in 2009. Various serious problems have emerged, all involving those close and dear to me. As much as I may have lots of time over the next months and years, there will most likely be times when I simply need to take weeks or even months off. Organizing events on this scale means there’s something in your hands that you simply cannot drop for a few months and then continue. Given that I cannot predict when or for how long I’m going to be needed elsewhere, I have to pass on organizing the event. Taking care of one’s loved ones has to take priority, even over something as important as this.

With the benefit of hindsight, I should probably have realised sooner that my participation wasn’t going to happen. For a long time I figured I would somehow manage. But more bad luck kept piling up, more or less forcing this decision. In the month or so after telling a smaller group of people, a dedicated intitiative to organize a large-scale event that would be worthy of being called the successor did not emerge. A few people that initially said they’d like to be the center people for the 2009 edition changed their minds when they thought it over some more. It is, after all, a rather insane amount of risky underpaid work.

As a very recent development, some good people seem to be thinking about doing something in 2009 anyway, and I wish them luck. (I may blog about this when more is known.) I will naturally try to share the knowledge that is in my head with whoever needs it as well as I can. And I may be much more directly involved in future events in 2010 or 2011, who knows.

I can only wish I had known sooner or had been more effective in arranging for alternatives to my involvement. I’m sorry…

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  1. I am very sorry to hear about your misfortune, whatever it may be. It was great to see you as a key person in previous parties but I hope enough people will manage to pull of another job for 2009. We, some enthousiast from last parties, started with at least a name: It might become Germany, but to most of us The Netherlands would still be an option.

    With your permission, Rop, I would invite anyone with the capacity to help out. Of course without any obligations, your insight is always welcome when your situation allows it.

  2. Myself and EnglishPete could have a go at organizing HIX2009 if you give us some notes on how to do it.

  3. Dearest Rop, I am very sad to hear of your misfortune. I wish you the very best outcome in what must be trying times for you. rest assured if I can do anything to help make the event happen then I can be counted on.

    Stay safe, stay well. All the best and I hope we corss paths again soon.


  4. Best of luck there.

    hope to see you around anyway.
    should be a good one in ‘9 😉

    all the goodness & strength to you.


  5. Rop! There is something good and strong growing from what you have planted! Thanks for every minute you shared with us!!! May you find the peace and sense of live you are looking for. all the best to you and your beloved ones! RaRo

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