Der Generalbundesanwalt …

Look what I found when I was cleaning up. Officially stamped confirmation that I was not advertising for a terrorist organization or approving of criminal activities in 2000. Or at least that they couldn’t prove it.

“Einstellung des Verfahrens gemäß §170 abs. 2 StPO”

(This was about the Radikal issues that were put on an XS4ALL user homepage a few years earlier and that the entire XS4ALL board got criminally investigated over in Germany.)

2 thoughts on “Der Generalbundesanwalt …”

  1. Als je dingen weggooit uit je archief, gooi je ze dan mijn kant op? Qua geschiedenisboek enzo?

  2. Altijd verstandig en alert die Karin. Kan ik me alvast inschrijven voor dat geschiedenisboek?

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