Eben Moglen

I am in awe. I’ve been working on making sense of “it all” myself recently. But I could not even dream to come close to expressing it remotely as well as Eben does. Free up an undisturbed hour of your life and watch this. Make it today if you can. I would pose that this will become widely recognised to be one of the more important speeches of our time.

( If you happen to subtitle videos for a living, please transcribe and subtitle this one. I do hope the next lecture in this series has slightly better sound and video. But you will see why it is fitting for our present condition that the thoughts we really need to hear are not read off a teleprompter on a well-lit stage and filmed in HD, but presented in a modest classroom and filmed on a handheld telephone. )

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  1. I have just watched part 3 resulting in my wanting to say this:

    Around 1987 some believed personal computing would break the stranglehold of the corporations but PC software makers stymied that by turning themselves into corporations. Society’s big mistake was allowing them to sell it software as products rather than figuring out its use for completely new ways of doing things (like ATMs but for diverse activities).

    Belatedly here is one for machines that I hope will help individuals use IT purely as a utility and thus avoid some of the corporate and government abuses described.

  2. Beste meneer Gonggrijp,

    Momenteel ben ik samen met 2 anderen bezig met een profielwerkstuk over privacy, ik zou u hier graag een aantal vragen over willen stellen. B.v. over hoe makkelijk het is om gegevens te achterhalen tegenwoordig.
    Ik hoop dat u tijd heeft hiervoor, dit is het enige medium waarop we u kunnen benaderen.


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