Identity Fraud?

It looks like a majority in Dutch parliament is about to adopt a change in the law that would criminalize the use of fake name, address or phone number on the internet. The article (in dutch) goes on to say that perpetrators of fraud can already be convicted of, well, fraud. The point here is that the use of fake credentials in and by itself will become a criminal offense, punishable by 5 years in jail and/or a fine in the tens of thousands of euros.

So who will tell my friends who are not using their real names on Facebook? And what about all the times I’ve entered 020-1234567 as my phone number?

As I read it, this law seems like it can be used to put a sizeable portion of the dutch population in jail. But don’t worry, I’m sure they’ll only use it against the terrorists.

22 thoughts on “Identity Fraud?”

  1. When identity fraud will be a thing of the past, because it is forbidden by law, there are not much obstacles for the implementation of internet voting as well! Progress -of the power of the state over the citizen- seems inevitable.

  2. It doesn’t matter, we already know your real names. This just gives us the opportunity to convict anyone at all times. Remember Al Capone?

  3. Next runner up: Make the use of strong encryption software illegal. Fiddle around a bit to make it seem authentic, honest and well thought-through by allowing x bit, but not xx bit strength and different levels per nation and/or state.

  4. You forgot to mention that parody and satire is permitted, if it does not harm anyone. Of course this is a very, very vague clause. Lawyers will have a ball.

  5. But all legislation is really good for our wellbeing.
    Just take a good look at the legal system of China.
    And you should not forget that the EU was fully democratically elected their citizens.

  6. Since when is using a fake name the same as identity theft? It’s about time we vote for politicians who aren’t totally clueless.

  7. Het gaat om het gebruik van een ‘ander’. Onduidelijk of daarmee een natuurlijk personen worden bedoeld of dat gefingeerde personages er ook onder vallen ..

  8. I will call myself whatever I wish to call myself. I am not owned by anybody or anything. This is a different issue. The state can call me anything they want to. I am not a name. I am a human being. So as far as I’m concerned this is a non-issue.

  9. Vind het een rammelamendement. ‘T ziet er slordig uit. Echt ‘komkommer-amendement’, dat van die nicknames erbij pikt geen zinnig mens en “satire en parodie” is veel te weinig uitzonderingen.
    Het wordt al een stuk echt veiliger als er bij @minv_j een zekerheid getoond wordt dat Dhr De Cloo *integer* i (zijnde opvolger van #demmink)

  10. Crap amendment, looks crummy. Really ‘cucumber amendment’, no one w/h enough of sense would pick the attack on nicknames i.g. and “satire and parody” is too poor a nmbr of exceptions.
    W/d be a lot safer if only a hard sign of #integrity was visible from @minv_j ‘s Mr. Cloo (#demmink ‘s successor)

  11. Aha… no longer will mr. W.A. van Buuren be able to attend De Elfstedentocht !

  12. Hoi Rop,
    Vroeg me af of je een stukje kunt tikken over hoe men zijn internet-gebruikerssporen zo goed als mogelijk kan ontrekken uit het zicht van markt/advertentiepartijen en big data, maw. betere alternatieven voor gmail, chrome, etc.. Of ken je hier een goed/actueel stuk over? Bedankt!

  13. Well governements see the population of the country they are ruling as the Enemy and of course we are their Enemy, because if we really rise up no government will survive! Period!

    That’s why here in the Netherlands they wanted everybody to carry an “Ausweis”, so hated in the Second World War, but now used to control us complete with fingerprints.

    Hilariously and dangerously we have all gotten long ago a number. First is was called SOFI number (Social Fisclal Number) and then it was upgraded to BSN, meaning Burger Service Number (Citizen’s Service Number) Now look at the Service we are getting!
    Salut! Edmond V.O. Katusz

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