Wow. See this video and then show it to your daughter.

I’m beginning to really appreciate the Dove campaigns. This feels genuine and deep, far beyond mere advertising. (I know how icky that sounds, given that in today’s world that merely describes the holy grail of advertising, but so be it..)

(Yes, I know. I’ll blog more often.)

4 thoughts on “Dove”

  1. Hey Rop,
    first of all good to hear from you again!
    Secondly, not quite what I expected to find on your blog. I can relate to it feeling icky part indeed, since you know you are supposed to feel genuine about these kinda commercials.
    But I have to admit that if the brand wasnt the title of your blogpost, I prolly wouldnt even realised.
    Anyhows, thank you for sharing this. I will definitely share this with my godchild, which at the age of 10 will hopefully benefit a lot from this the following years.

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