Dog shit

After the events in Germany, some news from my own country. Politicians in the city of Tilburg (pop 200k) want to record all dog DNA so they can track the origin of all dog shit on the streets.

Yes, they are serious, and no, I am not making this up. But then: if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear, right?

3 thoughts on “Dog shit”

  1. Dogshitdepot: every effort? Really? So you mean this crisis warrants martial law? Collective punishments? Torture? The death penalty after a brief military trial?

  2. Question – did this ever go through? Do the police in Tilburg have mounted (on horses) police? Do they pick up their shit?

    I live (and pay taxes) in downtown Hague, and I honestly don’t mind having to pick up my dog’s shit, but the bloody sake – I hate opening the door to let my dog out, and having to avoid giant horse turds the size of footballs in the middle of my street – many of them left by the mounted police, no less!

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