RIP Bill (billsf) Squire

Sad news… I got word today that Bill Squire has passed away. The global hacker community lost a legend. In various hackerspaces avant-la-lettre, Bill generously shared his deep knowledge of phones, pranks, electronics and technology in general. In the very early nineties, Bill was the phone phreak and electronics wizard without whom our magazine Hack-Tic would never have been as funny, as rebellious or as well-known.

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    As you may know already, Bill’s body has been flown to the US for a memorial service with his family. This coming Saturday, the 22nd of September, we’ll get together with a group of Bill’s friends to remember Bill here in Amsterdam. At 15:00, we’ll get together in the beautiful Theatrum Anatomicum at De Waag (Nieuwmarkt, Amsterdam), we’ll project some photos of Bill and a few of us will talk about their memories of Bill. Afterwards we’ll have some time to talk and then we’ll go and have a drink at one of the cafes at Nieuwmarkt. Some might even stay to have dinner somewhere there.

    As you all know, Bill wasn’t a very formal person. And I know many of us aren’t either. So please don’t think of this as a funeral service, don’t buy a dark suit especially for this and just come as you are.

    If you knew Bill, please consider yourself invited if you get this message through some roundabout way and please share this message widely as I am quite sure neither my e-mail, blog post or Facebook comment will reach all those that it needs to reach. If you’d like to say a few words because you have memories of Bill to share, please contact me at or +31 6 34861415 (I’ll be offline all day Tuesday). Please don’t feel pressed to do big speeches when all you want is to share a nice memory or say a few kind words.

    If you happen to have nice photos or video material that shows Bill, please send it my way also.

    Kind Regards,


  2. Bestje Hippies,

    I wish I could be there. Make it a celebration, not a wake…

    Raise a beer for me,


  3. Thank you Rop for all you are doing for Bill. I wish I could be at the memorial for Bill in Amsterdam.

    We are having a service for Bill in southern California on Sat September 29th. It will be at 10:00am at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints meeting house.
    38980 Sky Canyon Dr.
    Murrieta Ca, 92563

    I am sure that many of the comments left on this site will be read at the service. Very kind words from all of you.

    My brother Mike and I would again like to thank everyone who helped us in Amsterdam. I now know where the friendliest people in the world live.


  4. Good luck to the family and all his best friends with recovering from these tragical news
    Good luck Bill with your next step in this universe

    Another great person left this earth to be with other great minds

  5. My wife and I want to express our thanks to all of Bill’s friends for their kind comments and expressions of love for Bill. They have been a big help in getting us through this sad time.

    wish we could be with you on the 22nd for your memorial service, but we will be there in spirit.

    The funeral in California will be held September 29th at 10:00 am at:

    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints
    38980 Sky Canyon Drive
    Murrieta, CA 92563

    We hope all who are in the area will be able to attend. We echo Rop’s statement about dress and hope you will come as you are.

    Again, we thank all who commented on Rop’s blog about Bill’s talent and abilities.

  6. “The candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long.”

    He was different, and he was bright, in his own terms.

    Godspeed, Billsf.

  7. onze Johan
    onze Johan die heeft ook altijd wat
    nu is ie weer dood onze Johan
    onze Johan die is er niet meer
    hij is nu bij onze Lieve Heer
    – Meindert Talma, Ferhûddûker

    La det være løftet vi deler i dag:
    La oss ære de døde ved å glede oss over livet.
    – Jens Stoltenberg

  8. This is such a blow.
    The world would be such a better place if we had
    more people like Bill.
    He was honest.
    He was creative and enterprising.
    He liked to solve problems for the betterment of
    not only himself, but others.
    He was curious and liked to try new things.
    He sought the truth, and was disturbed when others disagreed–But he wasn’t only disturbed for the normal reasons people have–He was disturbed because he thought he could be wrong.
    He encouraged people, and was an example in this way.
    He always reminded people that there was more than one way to do and think about things.
    He was always thinking–Hacking the universe–You’d see his mind constantly going, watching his eyes dart around, between bouts of giggling and wiggling.
    Yes, he was a generous genius.
    And a good friend.
    Rest in peace Bill.

  9. I wanted to share a story about Bill:
    Once in the middle of the night we were on Market St. in San Francisco. I don’t remember what we were doing or why we were there, but we noticed that there were rats scurrying around. A little while later, we witnessed a young man bend down and pick some french fries up from the ground and proceed to eat them. Seeing someone in such a condition so appalled Bill, that without missing a beat, Bill lead the young man across the street to a burger place that was open late, and bought him a meal.

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