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Two Minutes Hate: Black Ops 2

The upcoming blockbuster military realistic first person shooter Black Ops 2 features, I kid you not, a main villain that appears modelled after Julian Assange:

The game’s main villain is Raul Menendez, described as the “idolized Messiah of the 99%”—a Julian Assange-like character who’s old, experienced, and hell bent on starting a global insurrection against the status quo. 

From the trailer:

“He’s like … a celebrity now. People – in America – idolize him. They’ll wake up tomorrow and realize that their hero … has wiped them out. We have the most advanced technology tracking him, and he’s just … DISAPPEARED! Where .. the .. hell .. is .. he?”

This is bizarre on so many levels I’m not even sure where to start…. Come next year, the most powerful military on the planet will likely use this new video game in its high tech recruitment centers to lure young people trained to track and kill someone modeled after Julian Assange.

When it comes to the state of the world I can be somewhat of a pessimist – I guess – but I would have laughed if anyone had made this up.

8 comments to Two Minutes Hate: Black Ops 2

  • edwin

    isnt it just a marketing trick to get some attention on various news sites and blogs? i don’t think they care as much about Julian and politics, as they do on revenue.

    still sucks offcourse..

  • nio

    Comments on youtube about how the main villain looks like Julian Assange, don’t make it through the approval phase though..

  • propaganda

    What brand of propaganda is this ?

    Julian Assange / 99% / Anonymous.

    Do the banks make games now ?

    lets see if it goes through moderation…. but why is there moderation at all ?

  • propaganda

    it got through !
    @ about comment (7,390)

  • humanbee

    Looks like US saying that Assange is there worst fear… so pathetic…

    But in a strange way maybe also a compliment for wikileaks…

    Not that they want to be anti-US, but they are rightly critical of the status quo,

    and the powers that be clearly don’t like it! So scared… of somebody that

    wants to make the world a better place for all of us!

  • lucille

    the information about the military crossfire and the journalists from the newspaper targeted and killed, supected that the newspaperboss was puting the journalists in the crossfirer with perpose. scared i
    of unfiltrate of the Alquida organisation .

  • lucile

    hope is the last thing who leave us humans.

  • Pontus

    Villian Assange?