US DOJ wants my twitter account info

It’s a warm and fuzzy feeling to know that somewhere, far away, people are thinking about you. Last night I received this rather interesting e-mail from twitter:

Kessel, Jan-07 11:20 am (PST):
Dear Twitter User:

We are writing to inform you that Twitter has received legal process requesting information regarding your Twitter account, @rop_g. A copy of the legal process is attached. The legal process requires Twitter to produce documents related to your account.

Please be advised that Twitter will respond to this request in 10 days from the date of this notice unless we receive notice from you that a motion to quash the legal process has been filed or that this matter has been otherwise resolved.

To respond to this notice, please e-mail us at <removed>.

This notice is not legal advice. You may wish to consult legal counsel about this matter. If you need assistance seeking counsel, you may consider contacting the Electronic Frontier Foundation <contact info removed> or the ACLU <contact info removed>.


Twitter Legal

While I was still thinking about whether to write about this or talk to my lawyer first, I was told the mail and attachments were already published by Glenn Greenwald at, including the original subpoena dated December 14, 2010. It says the DOJ wants twitter’s records on Jacob Appelbaum (a.k.a. ioerror), Birgitta Jónsdóttir, Wikileaks, Julian Assange, Bradley Manning and yours truly. This all because, apparently, “the Court finds that the applicant has offered specific and articulable facts showing that there are reasonable grounds to believe that the records or other information sought are relevant and material to an ongoing criminal investigation.

Plenty of thoughts to be had over this one. For one: in a case like this you’d think they would check the spelling of my last name. Furthermore I would have guessed that the US government has more discreet and effective ways of getting my IP-number, which is essentially all this would get them.

Also it appears that twitter, as a matter of policy, does the right thing in wanting to inform their users when one of these comes in. For those who wonder if twitter ignored a court order by telling me: I did get a second PDF with a January 5 order to unseal the subpoena so that twitter could tell me, which is quite possibly the result of some communication between twitter and the DOJ. Heaven knows how many places have received similar subpoenas and just quietly submitted all they had on me.

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  1. Rop Gonggrijp,

    First of all, as a U.S. citizen, I want to apologize for this. I don’t think a Grand Jury is supposed to be used as a fishing expedition or for the purposes of discovery. Furthermore, based on this Administration’s promises if transparency, these attempts to secretly gather information about others (including those who do not even live in the United States), are shocking. If the moron who misspelled your name can’t be bothered to figure out who you are – then the subpoena is not for you. This is not a matter of good or bad people. It’s a matter principle. It’s a matter of the Constitution. It’s a matter of rights. And it’s a matter of a country who takes pride in Democracy and is now acting like a brutal thug in a former communist country. All these companies have to go off-shore and Facebook and Google shall tell us if it released information, secretly, to our government. This also harms agencies like the FBI although they may not believe it. Go to any dinner party, anywhere in the world, and you will hear gossiping diplomats. They have freedom of speech but we do not have the freedom to read what they speak so freely about. Also, if this government thinks people’s lives would be harmed – they should have taken up Julian Assange’s request and reviewed and declassified the information. It’s also over-classified and that should be huge legal issue. When our government speaks, it doesn’t necessarily become a secret because they say so. This incredibly important matter should be fought in broad daylight. I would assume the government has already gone through these accounts; reviewed emails, etc.; and needs – via subpoena – to find a way to enter it into the record. Unacceptable. There has to be a crime first. That can’t create it.

  2. Kelley,

    There are a few of us out here in the US who are forming yet another petition to have this engagement stopped.

    I will be putting up the petition on the website today.

    I am also attempting to contact AAVAZ about the issue as well as other organizations that see this as Unconstitutional.

    In the SCA – it states that anytime you give your information over to a 2nd and 3rd party, it means that you have relinquished your right to privacy because you are no longer solely in possession of that information. That means – any and all personal information is open to the government’s abuse because all of everyone’s information is online through the government and other agencies.

    America operates on Credit Cards and is soon going to smart cards – no cash or checks. When this happens, all information will then be in the possession of Mastercard and Visa – and at that point, 100 percent of our individual sovereignty and liberty will be obsolete.

    I am doing all I can to stop this. I need more people from the USA to speak up and help me. If not, then people like Robbert here will be a dime a dozen and we will all become members of yet another Soviet Union in whole rather than just in part as it is now.

    I beg those in the US who read this to come help – make your voice heard and exercise the First Amendment. Nobody is going to make change happen unless it’s us. This has got to stop.

    Jamie Jo Corne aka ThaBoas

  3. Beste Rop,
    Wil je inzake de laatste ontwikkelingen contact met ons opnemen? Alvast dank, beste groet,
    Nathan Vos, Het Parool
    (telefoonnummer stuur ik je per mail)

  4. @- Jamie aka ThaBoas

    Do not think that all bad stuff happens from out the united states!
    Believe me the same hypocrisy happens in Europe as in any other part of the world where gouvernments want to control , or kill for that matter , ( surtain ) people!
    And people who won t give a fuck about anything too!!
    Lets celebrate the fact that here are still people who try to think and act independent and participate to communicate freely!
    Thank you Ron and everybody who help the cause of free information!
    And help to guard our privacy!
    thnx and good luck to us all!

  5. R they stark raving mad? Find yourself a good lawyer and make Tracy’s life miserable!

  6. Listen.

    The Pro-Wikileaks people are in shock.

    The other side (the organizations harassing Wikileaks, a.k.a. “the Evil Empire”)has already made clear that they have no morals.

    The only thing the Empire fears is leaks coming out concerning the illegal aspects of their own investigations.

    Encourage everyone you know to obtain the emails of persons working within the Empire (by using the internet). Then email Empire employees to leak Empire documents! The truth is what they fear most. Also, picket in front of Evil Empire buildings encouraging leaks from within!

  7. Well howdy Rop,
    I’m just amazed that the TLA’s can’t figure out your IP address, and your credit card number without resorting to a subpeona,and I’m more amazed that they actually think that might be useful to them in some way! I this is their current “state of the art” thinking, then your have nothing to fear. Are you even going to bother to fight this ?
    So what’s next ?
    Glad to hear that your mobile reception is now excellent, no amount of calls to the telcos normally fixes these things….. unless of course….
    I hope all is well with Carla, Milo, and Floris.
    Take care,
    Simon ( Yep, that’s right, the english HFH simon )

  8. Ik heb de idealen van XS4ALL hoog in het vaandel staan. Wens jou en XS4ALL dus veel sterkte toe.
    Dit zijn de kwaadaardige reacties van een imperium (V.S.) dat op zijn laatste benen loopt.
    Helaas zien veel mensen nog niet dat deze ernstige situatie (vervolgen van o.a. klokkeluiders) verregaande consequenties voor de vrijheid gaat hebben. maar na regen (collapse V.S.) komt zonneschijn.

  9. Sterkte , Ik weet niet precies wat er allemaal speelt maar ben al jaren tevreden gebruiker van xs4all , ik zou geen andere meer willen en mag dus ook hopen dat er geen rare veranderingen plaatsvinden.
    Er zijn al zat andere ‘scumbag’ companies die je als consument moet zien te vermijden.

  10. “Criminal investigation”….. sic..
    Would not go into that trap and realise “you are what you say”: let us contra-investigate (i.e.!) And file the US for hiding free information concerning investigations about the healthdamaging Fluoride after the ’50’s (to allow production of nuclear weapons) , at a cost of a lot of LIVES!
    Or why Donald Rumsfeld pushed his wallet up with childamaging Aspartaam, misusing his power-pos.?
    Mind: the US is far more busy with juridical matters as does Japan (a supposedly high developed suburb), where problems are dealed with, by mediators.

  11. WL : USG secretly committing crimes.
    USG: WL secretly committing crimes.

    USG: Secretly finds out WL’s secret crimes.
    WL : Secretly finds out USG’s secret crimes.

    WL : Transparently(SecretMode) ousts the USG secret crimes.
    USG: Secretly(TransparentMode) ousts WL’s secret crimes.

    Johnny, Johnny?
    Yes, Papa?
    Stealing secrets?
    No, Papa!
    Open your account!
    Leak, leak, leak…


  12. @Reddieornot

    I cannot speak for the things outside of the US. I live here in this puss infected cess pool. I would encourage those of other countries who are fed up like me and sympathize with people like Robbert to stand up and make your voices heard. Start blogs like voiceleaks – twitter and retweet everything wikileaks has to say or anyone affiliated. Send letters to your government officials. I do not encourage protesting – as it does no good (at least here in America) from a citizen’s standpoint. It only causes people to go to jail and then financially support the government in such that way.

    Sign petitions where they are at. Two are linked to voiceleaks right now. If you have others – let me know. I will link them. The site gets a lot of traffic right now. Perhaps people will want to sign the petitions you have.

    If you have an opinion and would like to write without making a website – contact me. I will make you an author on Voiceleaks.

    If you write professionally – don’t be scared about the Government. They cannot harm you if you are merely expressing your Constitutional rights (in the US). They may trample your rights, but they cannot harm you and this cause is more important than you being interrogated for a short time.

    Write poetry – do artwork – graphics design. Several ways you can show support. The cause needs people to spread the word – get the information out. Do it in your daily life with the people that deliver your mail – with the coffee shot attendent – people you pass in stores.

    This is an important cause. We do not want to be oppressed and we don’t wish to live in this Soviet state any longer.

    Do everything you can to support Wikileaks, Assange, and people like Robbert. Your freedom depends on it as much as theirs does.

    -Jamie Jo Corne aka ThaBoas

  13. Good. More people need to know and if corporate America is willing to announce it – the better. They own us anyway at the moment.

  14. Robbert – we are spreading the message about how governments need to open. We are spreading it from an American perspective. We are doing all we can – and our support, your support, and everyone’s support continues to grow:

    This kind of engagement of war against the citizens of the world needs to stop. It is the US telling all citizens of the world that they own us (you) and they don’t. If this is going on in other countries – it needs to stop as well. We need open governments and autonomous citizens to stand up and make their voices heard. No voice will be heard independently. We must all be saying the same thing to the government at the same time. Only then will our voices be heard. Only then will governments be forced to open. Yes – puss will drain when the opening happens – but the healing will begin soon after.

  15. About time we all move to China, at least we will know we are being watched Big Li. Seems to be less corrupt then the west.

  16. The year in the pdf (on the bottom) is incorrect it’s 2010, I guess common sense doesn’t play a big role here so this might delay the ORDER slightly 🙂

  17. あれ?どうして日本語ドメイン名もってるの?

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