Issued visas by mistake…

In an interesting twist, they are now claiming that Alex Halderman and myself were apparently “issued visas by mistake”.

GVV Sarma, joint secretary (foreigners) at the ministry of home affairs, said the duo was initially denied entry because of violations of visa terms they had committed on an earlier occasion. “They had come earlier on a tourist visa, but were involved in activities that could not be considered tourism,” Sarma said.

The home ministry had asked the respective missions in their countries to not issue them visas in the future, but they were issued visas again inadvertently. “Since they were issued visas, we later decided to let them in,” Sarma said.

And then as we checked out of the hotel this morning we had some not-so-skilled intelligence professionals attempting to find out where we would be next. I feel so at home…

3 thoughts on “Issued visas by mistake…”

  1. Hi rop,

    As for India and having been a long-time regular (>10 yrs) Thorntree Indian Subcontinent user (Lonely Planet, mostly when BBC World hadn’t grabbed it yet), I should perhaps tell you that you better expect anything as a foreign visitor to India.

    The visa issue is a well-known problem. Tourist? On business? India has its rules in that respect… And they can change any minute.

    But seeing your goal, the voting machines, I think it’s adamant that you, as a foreigner, should keep in close touch with the press in India. It is, after all, a functioning democracy. Something that – in spite of its considerable illiteracy – is largely due to its press (media: papers, TV, radio, internet).

    Sudeshna Sarkar of IANS, for example, comes to mind.

    Good luck, and take care!

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