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“Deny subject entry to India and notify originator”

Now that was interesting. As I arrived at Delhi airport yesterday I was detained for over 12 hours. My friend Alex Halderman had arrived earlier and was being held at the airport also. (He had almost been stuck on a flight back to the US right before I got there.) This was apparently all at the request of some part of the Indian intelligence community. I was asked questions to find out “what had gone wrong on the previous visit” as I “must have visited restricted areas or so”.

As it turns out this may all be a consequence of the Election Commission of India having us investigated for some made-up “conspiracy to destabilize India” for daring to prove that the Electronic Voting Machines used here can be quite easily manipulated. Whatever the ill-conceived plan was last summer: it appears to have backfired. The very people that got us in trouble in the first place had to scramble to get us out of trouble again and we were on the front page of a newspaper and on CNN-IBN before we had even left the airport.

Either way: after some discussions apparently involving the Election Commission of India, various ministers and ministries, a US congressman and the US embassy, we’re now in the country. And we’re quite determined to enjoy every second of it.

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