Dear journalists of the world,

I’m not a regular Wikileaks staff person, never was. Don’t have the stomach for it. I have done work for Wikileaks, last when I helped produce the Iraqi helicopter video in late March, early April. Raffi Khatchadourian of The New Yorker has done a piece on what transpired during a hectic time in Reykjavik if you want to know more details.

I do not do interviews (on or off the record) about Wikileaks because I am simply inundated with requests (as many as 30 a day now). As soon as I say yes to one of you, everyone else will want a juicy quote as well.

As I wrote last June already: I haven’t really been involved since April and I get my news from – well – the news, just like everyone else. If I start commenting on Wikileaks I’ll quickly turn into the ‘expert’ that regurgitates other people’s news articles. And I would have a busy day job doing so.

I am currently hard at work for one of my own missions, which is making sure people in the developing world start asking critical questions with regard to electronic voting. Probably not as sexy, but it’s what I do.


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  1. Rop,

    Saw a recent talk on your India voting work at an MIT CIS seminar. The work you do is important; stay focused, and thanks for existing.

    Keep up the good fight.

  2. While I think it’s great to promote critical thinking (especially on e-voting) in developing nations, I think that there is still a long way to go in ‘developed’ countries.

    While a small revolution has happened in Germany and the Nethelands, there is still a strong push (both from local as from national governments) for closed-system no-papertrail e-voting.

    But anyway… keep up the good work!

  3. Hoi Rop, op de achtergrond beetje actief NL politiek blijven volgen graag, kunnen we begin 2011 weer met papier en rood potlood aan de slag! leuke blogs, blijf je volgen!

  4. > Probably not as sexy, but it’s what I do.

    Dont underestimate the sexyness of voting computers stripped down to their bare guts.

  5. “I’m not a regular Wikileaks staff person, never was.”

    Al eens geprobeerd een ESTA formulier in te vullen om te checken hoe de Amerikaanse overheid hier op dit moment over denkt?

  6. Oké you don’t give interviews about Wikileaks but then; I am not a journalist.
    But I do want to donate a little sum to Wikileaks.
    I am concerned about the recent attacks on the finances of Wikileaks, there does not seem to be a safe account left.

    Dear Rob can you help?

    Maybee we can donate directly to the sollicitor or are there other accounts who can transfer the money to Wikileaks or use it for the legal assistance of J. Assange.
    leave a blog

  7. Duidelijk. Hoewel ik wel via Google (wikileaks) en je voornaam hier terecht kwam.
    Ach, en electronisch stemmen kan heel sexy zijn hoor…. heidi

  8. Hoi Rob,

    Zojuist n.a.v. het 8-uur-journaal moest ik aan je denken: i.p.v. jouw vertrouwd gezicht zag ik een tamelijk dik mannetje de aanvallen op becommentariëren. Wij willen jou terug! 🙂

    Hartelijks van E., vroeger vaker in het gemeenschappelijke huis te gast, toen het Hacktik-blaadje nog bestond. (ja, da’s echt ouwe koek, ik weet)

  9. Good news: Julian Assange in the UK released on bail! Sweden could object, but decided not to do so.

    Assange is required to stay with the Brits, for the time being. That is not unreasonable if there is a bail at stake, I think. Add to that that the UK is not the worst place he could stay.

    Can’t help myself: the whole case and how Assange was suddenly accused of a sex crime in Sweden, keeps reminding me of how the United States of America at the time, did its utmost to shut up and harm in every way our former MP: Lubbers. It all happened when he was still employed as a very effective and dedicated High Commissioner for the Refugees at the UN in Geneva. He was só dedicated and effective – something that shouldn’t have come as a surprise to anyone who knew the man – that the US soon couldn’t stand him nomore. And all it subsequently took, was 1 woman to start personal accusations. All very “James Bond-like” and só oldfashioned.

    Really, it was all so obvious! And – having been a staunch Obama supporter – I would have wished for a much more intelligent en sophisticated US government these days, the WikiLeaks aera…

    Wishing Julian and WikiLeaks well,


  10. Fair enough, that was a tad early (NOS Teletekst and my mistake). But two days later, yés!

    Julian Assange freed on bail

    I particularly liked this part:

    There was an early sign that the day would go in Assange’s favour when Ouseley said: “The history of the way it [the case] has been dealt with by the Swedish prosecutors would give Mr Assange some basis that he might be acquitted following a trial.”

    Let’s celebrate!

  11. De USI gaat nu echt zijn naam eer aandoen met het dagvaarden van Twitter etc. Dit land is werkelijk de US of Imbeciles. In dat land wil je toch echt niet wonen.

  12. Well probly is an solid voting system the most important in the world, so probly it is as important as wikileaks. So go on with the good work becouse we need more relyable people in politics!!!

  13. Hi Daan, unfortunately we had no opportunity to meet each other in Murmansk September 1995. Are you OK? Do you continue enduro trips? I’ll be glad to hear from you 🙂

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