Off to Rio – a crowdsourcing experiment

I’m off to Rio de Janero this Friday. I’ll be speaking and debating voting systems at a conference on December 2nd and 3rd. (Brazil still seems to like black-box style e-Voting very much.) I then need to go home in a hurry to be with my family for Sinterklaas (dec 5th), the big giving-presents-to-the-kids thing most other countries have at Christmas. I did give myself a few extra days to experience some small fraction of Rio before the conference, as I’ve actually never been to South America before.ร‚ย Now I know I’ll miss the first snow here in Amsterdam, having to deal with all these horrible beaches and sunshine instead. ๐Ÿ™‚

To help me through my misery, I’d love to meet some fun and brainy locals. So maybe you know someone from there who is into journalism, activism, politics, technology, hacking or someone that is just generally fun to hang out with and ร‚ย that would possibly enjoy a drink with yours truly in the sun sometime between the 27th of November (i.e. this Saturday) and the 3rd of December (when my conference starts).

Apart from contacts with fun people to meet, I’d appreciate any tips for good places to go. I’m up for any tips, extra points for avoiding the standard tourist trail.

If you have any tips or are in Rio yourself, please use the comments on my blog, on facebook or mail me privately at, it all gets to me.

8 thoughts on “Off to Rio – a crowdsourcing experiment”

  1. Rop, it is not that I envy you or anything but….oh hell yeah I do envy you!

    Have fun anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I don’t even know where in Brazil the guy lives and the odds are he will be in the US while you are there but you could do worse than inviting Glenn Greenwald over to your blackbox voting thing. Or just find another excuse for meeting him, fact is you two have to meet.

    You would like each other and have a lot to talk about. Data retention, wikileaks, democracy, US funded xenophobia mongering politicians, activism, insecure flying robot assassins, media. Tell him about the security inspection at what the hack. Its short notice and the guy is busy with another book so you will have to tell him to make time for you. On the plus side his sleep schedule should fit well with your jetlag.

    Then there must have been people pushing for WiFi in the favelas.

    So go meet them, you know, when you are not too busy sharing your travel stories with us. Not that we are jealous or anything ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Hello Mr. Gonggrijp,
    I’m a producer at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Specifically, I work at CBC Radio’s flagship current affairs radio program, The Current, with more than 2 million listeners a week across the country, and an additional audience online and in the US. We’re the most listened-to current affairs radio program in the country, and our award-winning host has interviewed the likes of Bill Clinton, Madeleine Albright and Desmond Tutu.

    For our show on Monday, we’re doing a profile of Wikileaks, and specifically of Julian Assange, given the way in which the nature of the discourse around him has shifted to calls for his execution, and that he may be arrested in the coming days. We’d like to remind people of who this man is and what his motivations are, in order to possibly quell some of the negativity that has surrounded his name, and also answer the many questions people have about this organization that has been so much in the news.

    Would you be available to share your insights with me? Is there a number I can reach you at?

    Thank you very much,

    Heba Aly
    The Current
    CBC Radio – Toronto
    Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
    Desk: +1-416-205-3390
    Cell: +1-647-702-4322

  4. Beste heer Gonggrijp,

    Ik heb u zojuist een email gestuurd maar probeer het ook langs deze weg. Graag zou ik namens het Belgisch weekblad Knack met u in contact komen om de mogelijkheden voor een interview te bespreken.

    Ik hoop van u te horen.

    Met vriendelijke groet,
    Jeroen Schuiten

  5. Hoor wie klopt daar kinderen? Sounds like journalist from every corner of the globe! You are popular all of a sudden…

    Maybe they just dont believe you when you say you are busy. I know! You should prove you were busy with blackbox voting issues in Brazil. Maybe with pictures, stories? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Hoi Rop!
    Ik weet niet of je er nog tijd voor hebt, maar qua sightseeing, check anders de ravage erna in de sloppenwijken van Rio die het leger en de pliesie de afgelopen weken zo fijn overhoop geschoten hebben? Misschien, nou ja, waarschijnlijk, tref je er nog wel slimme kids waarmee je een basis kan leggen om het kiesrecht eindelijk ook eens gemeengoed te maken in deze buurten der ongehoorden? Althans, voor zover dit binnen je project past natuurlijk. Ik hoop van wel… Owja, zou het er nog inzitten om alle Hackticks gebundeld in boekvorm uit te geven denk je? Met commentaar van vandaag de dag? Ik heb er een tijdje terug in de comments op GS uit geciteerd, er staat ergens een column in een Hacktic met een wel heeeeeeel erg vooruitziende blik.
    Behouden thuisvaart in ieder geval!

  7. “Politics is becoming more and more the act of looking at least slightly relaxed while silently praying the accident will happen sometime after your term is up.”

    Oh really? See “shock doctrine capitalism”.
    See “never waste a good crisis”.
    See “9/11 was an inside job” ;-P

    Er is wel degelijk een verschil tussen: “Het gaat slecht, laten we er het beste van maken!” en “Het gaat slecht, en eigenlijk komt het ons nog goed uit ook!” Onze overheid zweert bij het laatste. Ze weten wel degelijk waar ze mee bezig zijn en waar ze met het land naar toe willen.

  8. Ze weten wel degelijk waar ze mee bezig zijn en waar ze met het land naar toe willen.

    Leg ‘ns uit please dan, Jonathan. Waar willen ze naar toe? Nu het behoorlijk slecht gaat?

    NB: zelf geen fan of supporter van welke NL politieke partij dan ook. De partij die ik zou willen, bestaat helaas nog niet.

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