27c3 – 27th Chaos Communication Congress

The Chaos Communication Congress is, in my mind, the best gathering of hacky minds this side of Alpha Centauri. I haven’t missed one since 1988. This year’s edition will be in the BCC convention center on Alexanderplatz in Berlin. It’s going to be  bit full and the organizers still want to keep it affordable. So tickets are being sold in batches through a slightly complex system.

Some of the German banking comforts don’t really work abroad. So those in the Netherlands who managed to get some of the early-sales tickets and need to pay for their reservation tokens can pay through me. Payment can be done either in person in Amsterdam or to my account. E-mail me (rop~apestaart~gonggri.jp) for details.

Just to be clear, don’t e-mail me if you don’t have a token. I don’t have any reserved tickets or anything, I can only take payment for reservation tokens you managed to get here.

(Now I still need to get my own ticket, slept through first batch, dammit…)

2 thoughts on “27c3 – 27th Chaos Communication Congress”

  1. Sorry to post a comment on another topic entirely but I couldn’t find your current email address!

    You probably haven’t looked at this in ages, but I’d like to get toritall (or something similar if you know of something similar) working on my linksys wrt54gl using the latest openwrt release (10.03).
    Any idea whether this is possible at all? Trying to install using opkg from your repo results in “* pkg_hash_add_from_file: Package toritall version 0.3b has no valid architecture, ignoring.”

    If you’re no longer maintaining this project, could you please release the sources to me? I’d like to update and maintain if possible.

    Any help would be great.

  2. Hi,
    my name’s Marc Weitzmann. I’m a french writer, mostly a fiction writer and sometime not so fictionnal. I wrote a book in 2009 called ‘notes on terror’, a sort of travel account in various country where I tried to reflect upon how terror time and information work together.
    As a literrary kind of guy Il know almost nothing about technology but I just got wind of the Chaos communication congress and it seems very stimulating. I would like to have a look see, maybe write something about it. How to do this is what I’d like to know. Do I get in touch with anyone and how? Is there a contribution to pay and to whom? etc.
    Thanks for ansxering.
    You can check my work on won the website mentioned above.
    All best,

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