A special gift to the islamic nation

I received an interesting spam today. Or at least, I hope it was spam.

Al-Malahem Media Foundation
A Special Gift
to the Islamic Nation
The first Magazine issued by
al-Qaida in the English
ISSUE # 2 #
“..and inspire the Believers”
Read Online
40,61 MB
The magazine itself is a quite well-produced glossy that makes you almost look forward to dying for the cause, when possible causing maximum carnage among innocent people. Also, some technical stuff: a special file encryptor/decryptor called ‘Mujahedeen secrets’ and a public key to mail the editors. Yuck…
With all the stuff we outlaw these days, how come religion is still legal?

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  1. I am asuming the pdf will pwn your computer unless you have installed the latest updatez from Adobe? And *why* is this coming from archive.org???

  2. What algorithm is the Mujahedeen secrets file en-/decryptor based? Snake-oil or some (other 😉 well known cipher?

  3. bigmac: if they have given it thought, it is probably because the people at the archive feel that it is an important document. As much as I disagree with the retards that want young people to kill themselves for their God, I do also think such a document is of historic value and needs to be available to people.

    Quux: download and see. I’d love to see your analysis of it. I’m pretty sure a few other people have done some analysis already, but they’re not telling. Then again, for all we know the magazine is published by the CIA. Smoke and mirrors….

  4. With all the stuff we outlaw these days, how come religion is still legal?

    Yeah It does feel unjust to outlaw terror enabling crypto, but not outlaw terror enabling religion… Not to mention unpractical. One would imagine the impact of outlawing any branch of math is always gonna have a bigger impact than outlawing any branch of theology. It is also another insight into the bureaucratic hivemind that somehow thinks there are people that are looking forward to flying a plane into a crowd of all ages but are gonna balk at the idea of being out of compliance with crypto regulation…

    Of course I am secretly kind of glad to have a crypto wars 2.0, I was too young to fight in the previous crypto wars. (Clipper chip, PGP etc)

    – It gives meaning
    – Its pretty much a guaranteed victory

    What is it with Americans wanting a rematch of their previous wars, first Iraq and now this?

    Then again, for all we know the magazine is published by the CIA.

    If history is any guide, then we should know soon enough. If the pentagon tries to shut it down and succeeds, then it was a CIA operation designed to lure western kids into bragging about how bad ass they are and the FBI wasn`t informed (again, like with the jihadi forum).
    If the pentagon tries to shut it down and fails then its probably not the CIA since their contractors are probably more from the certified microsoft “coloring within the lines” school of IT and dont have the experience in keeping controversial material in the air. Thats more a skill of those who do not follow software licenses to the letter.

  5. Hello all, Here is my opinion as a Muslim, no one knows why fight: (… noone of those suicide bombers are Muslims or they were …

    are political things … I do not know ‘why the fuck they call “Islamic Terrorist”! Stop with the drama! lol we are all equal all religions say so .. but in addition to religion we understand it with our mind!

  6. This has COINTELPRO written all over it…

    I´m waiting for the issue in which they explain how to fly 767 into skyscrapers

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