Kick ’em when they’re down

Drats… Just as I was enjoying the afterglow of a nice party, the cops have to mess it up.

Amsterdam used to be a relatively nice place if you have no roof over your head. Here the state will pay social security in cash to those that have no bank account and no fixed address. So if you are homeless and lucky enough to still receive a bit of social security money (if you’re down and out it’s very easy for the burocrats to find some rule you broke and stop the payments), you could at least get by.
The cops have now taken it upon themselves to inspect everyone that walks out of the payment office on payday to see if they have any outstanding fines or anything else that might be interesting to them.


2 thoughts on “Kick ’em when they’re down”

  1. May be OT here – but heard you at Chaosradio and think your
    german really has improved the over last months/years 😉

  2. Rop, I had a strange dream about you and Carla. First I dreamt that you held a speech which resulted in a massive attack of bad guys, suicide bombers, who where not very competent, and their bombs resulted into duds.. then I dreamt that I was working on a ipv6 network, and then Carla explained that she saw the movie kung fu hustle 2, which was, according to her, like kung fu hustle 1 but with ipv6.. Dunno if it is one of those predicting dreams..

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