Internet Voting, totally owned

Alex Halderman and his students have surpassed themselves in a pilot that was organized by the U.S. District of Columbia. Officials there had set up a system for voters abroad to vote over the internet. But before they went live they allowed people to hack the system, so they could proudly show that the system was secure. To make extra sure nobody would get in, they announced this only three days in advance.

The system was so completely owned that I would spoil the fun by telling you exactly what happened. Alex is just so much better at it:

The article on Freedom to tinker has more details if you want to get into the nitty-gritty.

You would think they’d forget about internet voting and maybe come back in 10 years time. But the Board of Elections there seems to think that this is just a minor glitch.

But Paul Stenbjorn, the board’s director of information services, said there were no plans to abandon the project. “The lesson learned is not to be more timid, but more aggressive about solving the problem,” he responded.

“The computer science community needs to understand that this toothpaste is already out of the tube, and no volume of warnings can put it back,” he said.

Mr. Epstein said that computer voting has been tried in Estonia and in some recent primaries in America, but added that the ballots had not been anonymous. Currently, several West Virginia counties are participating in a pilot project to use online voting next month for Americans overseas and in the military.

I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

6 thoughts on “Internet Voting, totally owned”

  1. Hello Rop,

    Did you know internet-voting is a problem solved years ago in the Netherlands already ?

    That is however not what I’m contacting you about because I assume that internet-democracy is going to be in the “ignore it because we are in a bad mood” corner until after the revolution. I’m contacting you because you seem to have an audience and – waarom praat ik eigenlijk geen Nederlands … – wat ik je wil vragen is of je over wilt gaan tot de wereld-revolutie. Je begrijpt neem ik aan ook wel dat de huidige situatie over zal gaan in de derde wereldoorlog ? Zoals dat altijd gebeurd als de bazen van de maatschappij een methode nodig hebben om de aandacht af te leiden ? In dit geval is het nog erger omdat de oorlog ook bedoeld is om de burgerrechten van de laatste 100 jaar te vernietigen. Vandaar dus het verplaatsen van de industrie naar de 3rde wereld landen. Ik stel een bepaald soort revolutie-systeem en grondwet voor, die uiterst democratisch is:

    Trouwens nog bedankt voor het voorlopig redden van de NL Democratie, nu we weer met potlood stemmen. Niemand kan de revolutie stoppen Rop, de geld vijand niet en jij ook niet, dus laten we er gewoon voor gaan want hoe langer we wachten hoe meer mensen er dood gaan, dat is het enige verschil.

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