Ubiquitous Computing

I thought I used computers a lot until I met Elisa. She’s studying Computer Science in Berlin, and will be living with us until she’s finished an exchange year here in Amsterdam. And she’s obviously a member of a new generation of hackers that grew up with the Internet simply being there. I suddenly realised that I only use the fact that my computer is a notebook and thus portable for taking it with me when I leave the house, and almost never for moving it inside the house. (Although the fact that my new notebook is a Mac is beginning to reshape my habits). Almost all of Elisa’s activities, from watching TV-series to social interaction to programming center around her computer. She takes it outside to smoke, she sits with it on the couch, she watches it while she takes a bath, and it sits in her lap while she sits in bed.
Elisa is sweet. Really. Just don’t mess with the wireless router. 🙂

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  1. Sounds familiar, but sounds dangerous. I’ve recognized that to much information isolates you, as you have a hard time to fine people in real life, that understand you. One could argue that those people just have different interests, but I think that doesn’t really matter when you feel alone. Thus, I recommend not to spend your whole time in front of a terminal.

  2. Dear anon.

    In the case of Elisa – and therewith many other people who use computers the same way – you might be wrong. She’s the example of a technology aware person with a very rich social life. For sure 😉 It’s a matter if you use your computer as an end in itself or as a tool. I think one of the things that defines ‘hackers’ is that they use the computer as a tool. After all, computers do not only process information but connect people who live apart easier than anything else.

    Just my 2 cents.

  3. Elisa is part of a new generation of übergeeks, who not only are excellent and curious hackers, but also have a rich and unlimited sex^H^H^H^H social life. The fact that Elisa is very cute (for a german) of course also helps. And she kicks ass (really *ouch*) too. She really enjoys life and that shows, she should however take care of not running out of unix sockets.. Anyway, I agree with nibbler and disagree with anon (no ipv6 for you!).

  4. Thanks for the compliments guys, but I still wonder how Christian knows that much about my sexlife 😛

  5. Hmmm, given the number of comments here, it looks as if I will need to spice up this blog with more pretty girls. It’s not something I would normally do: resorting to pictures of naked females to sell my message. But since this is a message of impending global doom I guess the situation leaves me no choice…

    It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it. Anything to save the planet.

  6. I just wanted to emphasize that elite makes lonely (elite macht einsam).
    I don’t know Elisa (but I’m interested in this reveng thing, Christian mentioned;-), thus I did not think of her when I wrote my comment.
    What I’ve recognized over the last years is simple: my interests shifted and what was interesting some years ago is boring now. This is to some extend because I’ve talked a lot, read a lot and hacked a lot. Whatever it is, I’ve done more than the average und thus, discussion with many people bore me. Thats not a problem, hence there are many people that are smart and I really enjoy to talk to them.
    However, I see a reason for this gap in the instant access to a huge amount of knowledge – surfing, chatting and reading. Today, you can learn nearly anything that interests you. You find people with similar interests. You find answers to specific problems. And you loose people with other inrerests. Information overflow.

  7. who is also using his laptop in the bathroom? or some kind of naked? i’ve set up a website (www.nakedhackers.org) so send me your pics!

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