Many of you will have seen in the news: there is a bit of a ruckus surrounding Wikileaks. As readers of this blog know, late March and beginning of April of this year, I helped Wikileaks release the leaked video that showed a US helicopter crew in Baghdad (apparently mistakenly) firing on Reuters journalists and then (without provocation) on unarmed occupants of a van that is coming to take the wounded.

In more recent developments, Wired has written about the arrest of a soldier in Iraq called Bradley Manning, who is aledged to have told hacker and journalist Adrian Lamo about leaking this video to Wikileaks. According to Lamo, Manning also talked about about leaking a host of other secrets to Wikileaks. Lamo then went to the military, and Manning was arrested. Recent discoveries regarding the background and timeline of that story are an interesting read also.

Right now, there is apparently an international manhunt on for Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks. The Pentagon is said to ‘want a word’ regarding publication of any further secret documents that Wikileaks is said to have.

This is a story worth following and there are many many more things to be said. And I would too, except all of it can be much more eloquently said by Glenn Greenwald, Birgitta Jónsdóttir and Daniel Ellsberg in this footage from Democracy Now.

Now because of my involvement in the release of the video, people have begun asking me about these events. Before everyone asks me the same questions, let me note that:

  • I do not know where Julian is. Really. I hope he is safe, and I think the fact that there apparently needs to be worry over his well-being is a freaking outrage.
  • I have helped out Wikileaks with the Iraq video, and I’ve helped Icelandic MP Birgitta Jónsdóttir on the partly Wikileaks-inspired IMMI proposal in Iceland. I consider these to have been worthwhile adventures. However I am not a Wikileaks spokesperson or staff member.
  • Apart from the Iraq video I never had any documents or materials that weren’t public yet.
  • I do not know what’s going to happen next and follow the news sites and tweets with as much anxiety as anyone else. Julian is scheduled to speak in Brussels tomorrow. It starts at 14:30 Brussels time and there will apparently be a live stream. Do note that Julian has skipped earlier appearances citing security concerns.

It is now Monday June 21st, 16:42 and Julian is indeed on stage in Brussels in a discussion about Freedom of Speech. I watched his opening remarks (it’s a forum setting), but the stream keeps breaking up.

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  1. Het is goed dat er een plek bestaat waar mensen terecht kunnen om aan de bel te trekken.
    Maar de ‘powers that be’ houden niet van klokkenluiders, en ze houden blijkbaar ook niet van kerktorens.

  2. Hi there,

    My name is Shannon Higgins and I am a producer at the national prime-time television news and current affairs program Connect with Mark Kelley on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

    We are looking to get in contact with you this evening to talk about Wikileaks on our program.

    The segment is this evening around 8 p.m. EST. But, we could do a pre-tape earlier if that is easier. We would love to have you live on the program to speak with our host Mark Kelley.

    Are you interested? I realize that you are not an employye or a spokesperson for Wikileak, but we are looking to speak to someone who knows how it works.

    For more information on Connect with Mark Kelley, visit

    Much thanks,


    Shannon Higgins

    Connect with Mark Kelley
    Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
    416 205 3735 – office
    647 500 3820 – mobile

  3. dag Rop,

    ‘t Is inmiddels allemaal een heel stuk spannender, alle – internationale – ontwikkelingen rond WikiLeaks. Ik volg het al een tijdje op de voet, so to speak, via internet.

    Een oude wijsheid zegt dat het eerste slachtoffer van elke oorlog, de wáárheid is. Dat wordt ook nu wel weer bewezen.

    Ik wil je/jullie nogmaals veel sterkte toewensen, deed dat eerder al per email. Mocht er extra hulp nodig zijn in de een of andere vorm, dan zijn jullie welkom. Want ik geloof niet zo in en hou niet zo van al die grote woorden en al dat dreigen momenteel tegen een paar Westerlingen, de jongste Godbetere pas 22 jaar oud, wier bedoelingen goed waren en m.i. nog steeds zijn. Een betere wereld vergt een bredere blik.


  4. Sinds ik dit artikel las vroeg me af wat je precies bedoelde met “I helped Wikileaks release the leaked video that showed […]”

    SHA1:cce54d3a8af370213d23fcbfe8cddc8619a0734c maakte dat duidelijk.

  5. > The Pentagon is said to ‘want a word’ regarding publication of any further secret documents that Wikileaks is said to have.

    We’re nearly two months on since this blog was posted, and another major release of data by late July.
    For all I care, the Pentagon can suck it all up, and so can the White House. It really hurts to say so, for I’m a big Obama fan; best thing that could happen to the world: this man voted into Office. Yet, Pentagon and White House – who were both not exactly unfamiliar with the existence of WikiLeaks and how it operates – have let all of this happen until it was “too late”. Looks more like it’s actually convenient to them, and all they care about now is bringing the proverbial scapegoat in…

    I hope you guys find a lot of comfort (and fun!) in the fact that opinions worldwide as to what WikiLeaks did and how they did it, differ greatly. Yet with all the time one thing being for sure: all the effort and hardship was far from in vain and you have a rainbow of supporters!

    Never mind Amnesty International or Reporters Without Borders. I hear they’re on to WikiLeaks once more. That’s the trouble with a great many NGO’s: the work generally pays buckets esp. for management and staff, expenses all covered, and after so many years it’s difficult to imagine a world without them. Hence they stay on, but outdate themselves by joining the establishment.

    So again: best wishes. Stay strong, and keep up the good work!
    Taliban don’t need WikiLeaks to organise their barbaric actions against innocent local Afghanis and Pakistanis. You’ve done your best. Which is more than a few billion other people will ever be able to say.

  6. Call me an idiot, but I’m having só much fun over this gem I just discovered through WikiLeaks Twitter account… Plain, old-fashioned, innocent fun!


    Wikileaks Servers Move To Underground Nuclear Bunker

    Article on the Michael Moore website, August 30

    Don’t worry; I’m fully aware that in fact all of “WikiLeaks” is a very serious subject in any case. But certainly in view of the media ‘man hunt’ for Assange, the false accusations, the all too obvious ping-pong between Pentagon & White House (and CIA), the twisted logic to accuse WikiLeaks of bringing lives in danger whereas the biggest threat to human life (in Afghanistan) certainly never came from WikiLeaks….

    If there ever seemed to be an entirely appropriate place to store a couple of servers in difficult times, it must be where they are now.

    Great way, with this ‘Bahnhof ISP’, for a transformation of evil inspired energy (Cold War nuclear bunker) into something much more positive for the future: less secrets, more transparency, hopefully resulting in less idiotic wars and violence.


  7. You keep silent on WikiLeaks, Rop. Whether or not I seem to understand, is irrelevant. And also: sheer speculation.

    For the record: I do wish we would all live in a WikiLeaks world as far as transparency and public honesty are concerned.

    Another find through WikiLeaks Twitter account:

    The US has a way to shut down Wikileaks, the infamous SDN list

    Comes from the Cuba Blog. In any case, an interesting read for those not-in-the-know as far as the technical specs of the ‘interwebs’ go.

    It’s weird, and saddening. A dear old friend of mine belonged to the active “first generation” of Dutch hackers. Having known him personally for decades on, his goals can’t have been anything but to try and help protect (innocent, unaware) people. He died in 2002. He had a younger brother who came to work for Bell Labs and lateron Telcordia (USA). But, almost like Murphy’s Law, he tóó died – basically from the same disease – only a few years later.

    Whenever I come across injustice such as with the (Dutch) voting machines or the criticism on WikiLeaks, subjects very much to do with the technicalities of the interwebs – they fail me even more. For their expert knowledge on ‘how to proceed’, ‘what to do now’.

    Global media this week brought newsstories of an Afghan US-soldiers squad, much comparable to the likes of US military personnel who made Abu Ghraib to an outright hell for Iraqi prisoners.
    I’m wishing WikiLeaks and its informants an undisturbed, healthy future free from fear for at least the next fifty years. Because imho it will take decades to transform the mindset of western and eastern soldiers, so as to have them as well as their superiors and politicians in charge, abandon Neanderthaler ideas about warfare and the price of human life.

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