I had heard it before, but never quite this loud. I knew I had ignored it on many previous occasions, but suddenly I realized what it was. It was the sound of the blogosphere, and before long the force was strong enough for me to have to lean to one side to stay on my feet. This suction couldn’t get much stronger now, or could it? Just as I wondered what would happen to me if it were to suck me in, I suddenly lost contact with the floor…

2 thoughts on “Aaaaaargh…”

  1. I just dropped by to say “welcome to the blogosphere”
    I also added you to my blog subscriptions 😉

    Well thats about it for now – read you later !

  2. Ah, finally. I was pretty astonished that I couldn’t find your blog after the 22C3 talk – because there was none. Great that you have one now.

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