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The crappy way to see a trauma room

My son Milo has diabetes, which can seriously suck in its own right. But early this morning he had the accident we feared the most: he went unconscious on the stairs. He must have fallen almost the entire distance, because I found him all the way down the stairs against the front door, out cold and bleeding profusely from a wound on his head. It’s now quite a few hours and lots of X-rays and CT-scans later. All is as well as we could have hoped for. That is: lots of abrasions, some bruises and a nasty cut on his head, but nothing else. Truly dodging a bullet.

I have to say, a fully staffed trauma team is impressive. I counted 22 people… Milo is awake but still in hospital, Carla is there now. We’re all OK. And I’m glad my next post was already written.

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