Speed …

Some days the speed with which this country is going to hell is astounding even professional pessimists like me. Today I read that the police has requested the complete logs for a website covering the (still unsolved) murder of a political activist that investigated police practices. I also noticed that the christian democrats have taken it upon themselves to get squatting completely outlawed, for which there is now apparently a majority in parliament. And in Amsterdam the responsible alderman wants to extend the areas where ‘preventive searching’ is allowed.

For those not up to date on 21st century police-state euphemisms: ‘preventive searching’ is where anyone can be stopped and have their person and belongings searched by the police without the need for any kind of warrant or suspicion. The preferred new policy would be (surprise) to allow this in the entire city instead of just in known trouble spots.

And I haven’t even finished reading today’s news yet. (Hmmm maybe I shouldn’t).