YouTube EMBED resizer

I sometimes make little tools that are useful for more people than just me and that I really should be sharing with the world. Which may or may not be as interesting to you as some of the other things I blog about, but I need a place where such tools will stick around and where people can link to them.

So here’s something I built just now. It allows me to maintain the aspect ratio while resizing the YouTube embeds such that they fit perfectly in this blog layout. It should be very easy to use: simply paste the YouTube embed code in the field below, adjust either height or width, click the button and copy-paste the resulting embed code back to where you wanted to use it.

4 thoughts on “YouTube EMBED resizer”

  1. This is really interesting. I was dwelling on the YouTube embed function this afternoon while writing a blog post, after finding that the 320×240 (x265 with nav) preset seems to have been dropped in the Googlization revamp.

    Thanks for this, Rop.

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