Volcano !

I’m in Reykjavik again, rushed in to help out with Wikileaks’ ongoing projects. And yesterday we took a day off to see the eruption. All in all we were out of Reykjavik for over 12 hours, and we spent many of these hours making our way over a glacier in a monstrously big 4 wheel drive car. The video below was shot on a glacier, at -30°C windchill. (In case you’re wondering why I can’t hold the damn camera more still.) The volcano made the most eerie wave-like sound, but the microphone just captured wind so I cut the sound. To give you an idea of size: the gap is over a kilometer wide and the jets of lave spew 100-150 meters up. The lava-wall we stand right in front of in the video is very slowly coming forward. Maybe I’ll upload some more photos or video later.


Here’s another video we shot on the same day when we went around to the other side of the eruption. A real lava-fall:

Also: Since we went there, the ground opened in another spot and there’s now two huge sputtering gaps in the ground. Interestingly, this second eruption appears to be at what was one of our vantage points when we were there….

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