As I slowly shake off the winter and re-enter communications mode I joined Facebook yesterday, after dramatically saying goodbye to all social networking two years ago. Two reasons. Facebook has developed into an indispensable tool for political awareness, mobilization and campaigning and I see people being very effective in reaching a lot of like-minded people though it. And secondly I know a growing number of people forgetting to tell me, their last friend not on Facebook, about parties. Can’t have that.

So… Those that have teased me for not being on Facebook can now tease me for being on it. Looks like I am building quite the reputation for saying dramatic things and then later changing my mind. Just friend me, OK?

One thought on “Facebook”

  1. Hi Rop,
    my name is Patrik Baab, I am a tv writer form NDR German Television. I’m working in Kiel, read that you’re living in Denmark and I’d like to get in touch with you for planning commun projects.
    Do you see the possibility to send an e-mail or to transfer any communication way? Thanky very much Patrik

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