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Dog shit

After the events in Germany, some news from my own country. Politicians in the city of Tilburg (pop 200k) want to record all dog DNA so they can track the origin of all dog shit on the streets.

Yes, they are serious, and no, I am not making this up. But then: if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear, right?

Today, we are all Germans

I was embarrassingly proven wrong, and I’m sitting here loving every second of it. As you remember, I was on stage in Berlin a few years ago telling people I felt we had lost the war defending privacy. It now appears we may be able to hold on to a little bit of ground, at least temporarily. I sincerely apologize, for it seems as if I have indeed given up just a bit too early.

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Chaosradio about ‘we lost the war’

If you like listening to radio (I personally like reading a lot better than listening), you might like the recent Chaosradio episode about the ‘we lost the war’ theme. Warning: it’s in German (and sometimes even in southern German) and includes optimism, pessimism, strange callers and what not. Link

Them (and us)

After the speech in December my friend Karin Spaink, who was in the audience, stood up and delivered some criticism to what we had said. Our speech, she said, contained way too many undifferentiated references to ‘them’, and ‘they’. And she was right: we should have talked about this ‘them’ issue a bit more.

I’m not much of a conspiracy nut, and I normally make the point myself that I do not believe in ‘a

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The wrong meme ?

After our ‘We lost the war’ lecture, I was part of a smaller group that stood around and discussed what we had just been talking about. One of the people there was Rena Tangens, a longtime privacy activist from Bielefeld whose work I much admire. And while she said that she agreed with a lot of our analysis, she just could not get over the ‘we have lost the war’ theme. She claimed that by

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Historical precedence

Most people don’t know their history. And even if they know the basic facts, they may not truly grasp the extent to which humans have stayed the same throughout the ages. Hence when something happens in the world, large crowds jump up and down, claiming this or that development is totally new. People that do know about history usually yawn at such enthusiasm. They know that the world is a pretty big place and that

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HURRAY, for what it’s worth…

This december, my longtime friend Frank Rieger and yours truly did a lecture at the Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin. Under the provocative flag ‘We lost the war’ we gave people our perspective on some current developments and most notably what we feel is the bleak future of privacy. We talked about how we got here, where we felt it was all headed, and then spent most of our time presenting some ideas on how

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